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COMPUTER systems
We collect our computer systems and laptopĀ“s from large companies who replaces their own after three years by new ones. The technical department refurnishes all systems, computers are properly cleaned and parts not properly working are being replaced. Even scratched and small dents are repaired. The hard disc is also properly cleaned. By doing this we can offer large quantities of top grade computer systems at competitive prices.

Refurnished laptops
Since we buy from larger companies, you can ensure all computers are from the best brands, as those companies have high standard regarding their systems. Computers who are made for the business market have properties who can lead to a long life expectation.
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20ft container
Approx. 250pcs

40ft container
Approx 500pcs

Passenger Car
Approx. 3pcs

Delivery van
Approx. 30pcs
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