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Lubricating Greases
We supply high-performance greases for various  industrial applications and extreme requirements. Available are a wide  range of lubricating greases for roller bearings, gears, plastic and  electronic components.

The applications range from rough conditions in  the heavy industry to demanding applications in automotive technology and aeronautics.
According to latest knowledge in tribology, the product range  complies with our customers’ demands with regard to friction, wear and  lubrication as well as economic and ecologic optimisation of the  processes themselves.

Our programme covers:
Yellow cup grease, Black ball bearing grease, Heavy duty chassis grease, Multi purpose grease, EP Multi purpose grease.

Loading details:

180 kg drums
24x1 kg cartons (metal / plastic)
12x1 kg carton (metal / plastic)
24x1/2 kg cartons (metal / plastic)
12x0.5 kg carton (metal/ plastic)
15 kg pail (metal / plastic)
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